Going through the archives of 2013 I found this quick little training video on how to make your video marketing POP with 7 quick little tips!


We built our business primarily from Video Marketing and Blogging. For us it was the best option because it was FREE! So if you're looking to build an online business with FREE strategies, I highly recommend you turn the camera on and start blogging! 

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If your bank account isn't where you want it to be ... it might be because of something I reveal in today's edition of "Hang With Erica On e!TV".

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Did you manage to jump on last night's T.I.L.T (Totally Inspired Living Tribe) Hangout? If not you missed a doozie! The hangout was about "How To Manifest Success In Your Business" and there was one current theme that ran through everyone's message ...

... I talk about it quickly here ... 


So, if you've arrived on this post before Monday 25th, August ... HIT THIS LINK NOW ... and catch up with the fabulous panel of T.I.L.T.

You'll be so glad you did :)

When things aren't working out the way you want them to it's very easy to look around and see all that's missing. But in today's edition of "Hang With Eriica on e!TV" I'm going to share with you ONE THING you can do RIGHT NOW to start feeling massive abundance in your life ... TODAY.

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Have an awesome day!


So I get asked this question ALL the time from people thinking about getting into this industry ... 

Can I REALLY Make This Internet Thing Work???

Hit play to hear the answer ...

So there you have it ... I can't be any more straightforward than that. 

As I mentioned in the video, this business will change your life in ways you could never imagine. It's not just your bank balance that will change ... your entire life will change.

To learn more about what we do here HIT THIS LINK NOW and take a look from the inside.




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