On this very day, the happiest day of our lives ... we had no idea that our Fairy tale life was about to turn into the darkest years of our lives.

It's a funny thing when you say your vows and you hear the words ... 

... "in good times and bad ..." 

... you naively believe that you'll have a few good years first before you have to tackle the bad ones.

Well ... we weren't one of the lucky ones.

We were married in 2008 ... right before the world imploded financially.

We spent the next 3 years madly scrambling trying to make sense of what was happening in our industry.

By 2011 we were at breaking point ... emotionally, mentally ... and now for me, physically.

I developed an auto-immune disease, most probably from the poor nutrition available to me in our work environment, but more probably from stress, fear and uncertainty.

If you know our story you'll know that our breaking point was opening a commission check for $9.38 for 50 hours work that then had to be divided in two. 

Everyone has a breaking point ...

... where they just snap from the pain ...

... where they decide they simply can't take it any longer ...

... where they choose to take matters into their own hands and say something to the effect of ...

"F#%k this Sh!t ... I'm outta here!"

That check was our breaking point.

And we literally said ... 

"F#%k this Sh!t ... I'm outta here!"

Sometimes you have to make a drastic change in your life, get way out of your comfort zone and risk all you have ...

... to get what you really want in life.

I'm not going to tell you that the next two years of our lives were easy ...

... they weren't.

In fact the added stress of changing our lives so dramatically nearly drove us to the divorce courts.

But we hung in there.

And now ...

... six years on ...

... the darkness has cleared ...

... and we live in the light.

We don't have an overly flamboyant lifestyle ...

... but the lifestyle we now live contains one of the most precious commodities we never could have had in our previous life.


We have the freedom to do ...

... WHAT we want ...

... WHEN we want ...

... with WHO we want.

There's no-one pulling our strings any more.

And if I had to do it all over again ...

... I would.

Because the victory of making it to the other side is so worth the struggle.

So here is my message to you today ...

... no matter what part of the struggle you find yourself in ...

... just know that there are others who have been where you are right now ...

... and they made it.

And they are standing on the other side of where you're at ...

... reaching out ...

... to help you across.

You're not alone.

You're never alone.

Not when you're walking the entrepreneur's journey.

You're never alone.

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... and it's not what you think :)

In today's very quick edition of "Hang With Erica on e!TV" I reveal the REAL reason that people get into Internet Marketing.


If you're already an Internet Marketer, let me know in the comments below why YOU got into this industry. 


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~ Erica Udeanu

Totally Inspired Living Tribe

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The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income

Do you remember the movie The Bucket List starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson? Who doesn't right?

Well, that movie left an indellible mark on me and it got me to thinking that life really is too short to be doing stuff you don't want to be doing, for people you don't want to be doing it for.

A year after it came out our lives came crashing down around our ears and we were forced to start thinking outside the box.

Thinking outside the box lead us to take one of the biggest risks of our lives.

A risk that we had no idea would pay off or not. But to not take the risk would have meant to live a life, quietly shaking our heads in dismay that we had chosen the 'easy/safe' way out ... 

... staying in a job that 'hopefully' would turn around one day ...

... never knowing if it would or not.

We took the risk of quitting our jobs and taking lives into our own hands and carving out 'A Life By Design'.

Did it pay off?

You bet it did!

Can it for you?


There are a lot of people taking the plunge into creating 'A Life By Design'. Our team member Thomas from Denmark is one of them.

Recently we posted pics on Facebook about our epic road trip over the Transfagarasan Pass. The boys from Top Gear voted it "The Best Driving Road In The World!"

Thomas saw those pics and revealed that he's a mad Top Gear fan and had seen the same Top Gear Episode we saw and had put that trip on his 'Bucket List'.

This is what happened next ... 


So I ask you ... what's on YOUR Bucket List ... and how committed are you to ticking them off?

Let me know in the comments below.

I want to hear from YOU!

I am a firm believer that anything you want in life is yours for the having, if you simply know how to harness the power of your mind.

When I was little ... I never understood these concepts. However, I seemed to always get what I wanted. And not by whingeing and whining and dropping sledgehammer sized hints. But by thinking and dreaming with so much emotion that something I really wanted would come true for me.

And I'll share with you the "backward" way I came to realize how powerful my mind was.

When I was about 7 or 8, I was starting to believe that Santa wasn't real. I remember pushing Mum & Dad to tell me the "truth" about Santa. But being that my baby brother still believed, I understand now why they wouldn't dish the dirt.

So I decided in my precocious way, that I would PROVE that Santa wasn't real, by WISHING really hard for something I wanted from Santa ... but NEVER breathing a word of that one thing ... to ANYONE!

In my mind I KNEW Mum and Dad were the ones sneaking around under the tree at midnight laying out the hay, the beer and the cookies ... and of course the presents.

So I kept this one thing I desired more than anything else a complete SECRET!!! 

I told no-one ... not even my shadow!

But I LONGED for it every day.

I put so much emotion into having this one thing that I nearly believed myself that I could conjur it under the Christmas Tree.

On Christmas morning I was a nervous wreck ...

a) because on the one hand I believed I was finally going to get the truth that Santa didn't exist by my present NOT turning up under the tree and that I'd be devastated by this knowledge that he didn't really exist and that I'd been lied to my whole tiny life, and 

b) because on the other hand I thought that I'd totally blown it by not dropping hints about what I really wanted from Santa that year and I was going to not get what I desperately desired.

I don't know how it is in your household on Christmas morning, but we're not allowed to touch the presents until everyone is settled with their bubbles and cake ... and then the present opening ceremony begins.

I had already glanced at all the shapes of the presents and my heart was crestfallen. It wasn't there!


I tried not to show my dismay ...

... but deep down a little part of my childhood innocence died.

I decided to put on a brave little face with the realization that I was "right" so that was a  win ... right?

When nearly all of the presents had been handed out ...

... there ...

... right behind the base of the tree ...

... was a curious corner of something square peeking out.

My little heart skipped a little beat.

"What on earth could THAT be?" I wondered.

I looked at Mum & Dad and they urged me to pull it out ...

... with a twinkle in their eye.

I reached my hand out around the back of the tree and pulled out a beautifully wrapped perfect square shaped present.

Holding my breath, I looked at the card ...

"To Erica, From Santa!"

I couldn't breathe ... literally.

Even if Mum & Dad HAD thought to play Santa and get me something shaped like this they would have had a hard time picking which one to get as I loved so many.

I turned the present over and started gingerly pulling back the sell-o-tape ... piece by piece.

I only needed to glance at the color to know that what I held in my tiny little hands was EXACTLY what I had been putting all my focus and energy on for the past 3 months.

As I tore off the wrapping my heart exploded with pure, unadulterated JOY!!!

I held in my hands ...

... my true young heart's desire ...

... the sound track ...

... to Grease.

My friends ... from that moment on, it didn't matter whether Santa was real or not, whether Mum & Dad were playing Santa or not ... 

... what mattered was ...

... I knew from that moment on I was powerful beyond my wildest imagination.

Throughout my life, people have called me "lucky".

I don't see it that way.

I see that I have created my life by design.

Anything I've wanted I've simply focused on like a laser beam to get it.

This morning I received this video in my inbox. 

I urge you to watch it and come to terms with the message that anything you want in life is yours for the having, the minute you learn how to harness the power of your mind ... and connect thoughts with emotion.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. 

Please share with me in the comments below your thoughts on the subject ... I'd love to hear them.





Erica Udeanu

"Totally Inspired Living"

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Empower Network Training: Step 7: Start Blogging

Empower Network Training


Step 7: Start blogging!

Here I will teach you how to create your first blog!

OK now you’re up to the fun stuff!

You can blog about Empower Network and you can blog about whatever topic that you have a personal interest in!

It is best to keep them both separate. In other words you want two blogs. You are welcome to have more than two blogs also. You choice really. You must have one for Empower Network however. The other blog for your personal interests which you can use to attract like minded people or just get traffic to the opportunity if that is what you want. Your personal interest can be whatever you want such as a entertainment blog (latest E news type of stuff), animal blog, recipe blog, health blog etc. Your Empower Network blog will include articles relating to the business itself, motivation articles, training articles and so on. Of course you are welcome to get creative with it!

So let’s begin with simple steps of how you do your first blog!

In your back office you should see a blue heading (see below). This heading allows 4 options. So I have seperated step 7 into 4 parts, this being the first one. We are going to use the first button which is for text blogging.


Under Message Title - click in blank box under it and type your title of article

I have attached an example below

Under 'Description' you will see a big blank box. Click in there and type your content.

One time saving tip - Write it in a Microsoft Word document and then copy and paste it. There are also more time saving tips available in the 15K Formula. To get 15K Formula, in your back office, under core products heading to the left of page, you will see 15K Formula. Click on that to get the product which will save you so much time!

I have attached a screen shot of an example of body text.

You can personalise the content. Just under 'Description' there are several options available (see below). You can do simple things like changing your font to bold, italic, underline and strike through. You can also align text to the left, centre or right. You can also add bullet points and numbers. You can change colour of your text and background font colour. You can also change text font, size and styles. Have a play around with it and you will get the idea.

You can also add images, videos or audio to your blog. To do this see click on picture option shown below.

If you are going to copy and paste a image/video/audio you found in google images then see below. Select 'Embed from URL' and select if it's a image, video or audio. Then copy and paste it underneath it. Then select 'add media' to save.

If your picture/video/audio is saved in your computer then see below. Select 'Upload from Computer' and select if it's image, video or audio. Then select 'click here to browse computer...' and select image and add media. Now if it's a video or audio saved in your computer, you will need to have media hosting set up. Otherwise it will not allow you to upload. To setup your media hosting, go to step 5 for instructions. 

You can also place any images, videos or audios which you used recently. To do this see below. Select 'Browse From Gallery'. Select if it's a image, video or audio. Or you can type in the search box next to these options. Once you have found your item and selected it, to save 'Add Media'.

You can also link any images you have placed. What I mean by this is say you place a image in your blog. If someone clicks on this picture, another link can automatically open up because you have set it up that way. You can link it to one of your squeeze pages (one where the person puts in their e-mail address to find out more). To do this see below. Select link button

Under URL, copy and paste URL that you want the person to go to if they click on image. In my case I have added a squeeze page link. See below an example is squeeze page.

TIP: tick 'open link on new tab/window'. By doing this, the link opens up in another window without disturb the current page they are on. Then click ok.

Once you have typed your blog and spell checked it. You want to choose where this blog is going to go. In our case, since it's the first blog we want to make it a public blog. This means any of the public can view this. Later on you can get technical and send to a team etc. Right now you don't need to worry about that.

Under the body of blog, you will see a drop down option, click on that and select public blog. See below.

Under that will be another drop down box asking to select which blog you want to post in. The automatic blog already set up will be your Empower Network blog. You can create more blogs which will show up after under this option also. See below I have two blogs. Main one is My Empower Network Blog and the other is a entertainment blog named whoopee (So I can differentiate between the two blogs). In this case we are going to select My Empower Network Blog as this is the topic it relates to.

Under this option will be another drop down box. This is asking what category the blog belongs to. Under each blog you will create categories. See below. In my Empower Network blog my categories include Empower Network, Inspiring, Bucket List and Mind Training. In this case I am going to select category Empower Network. You can create new categories as you type each new blog. You do this by clicking on '+Add New Category' (as circled below). By categorising your blog, it makes it easier to find past blogs.


The next section is SEO Options. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is quite important as this will help rank your article.

One tip - ask yourself what is this blog about? Just select one topic or key idea. Don't go putting two to three topics in one blog. It is important you learn more about SEO, there is ample training on SEO in the 15K Formula product. To get 15K Formula, in your back office, under core products heading to the left of page, you will see 15K Formula. Click on that to get the product which will save you so much time!

Once you have your one main topic sorted. You want to fill out SEO Options.

See my example I have typed out. In the first box (META Title Tag) I put the main topic of blog. That is what is Empower Network? Because this article is to answer exactly that and only that. Nothing more, nothing less.

Under that (META Keywords Tag) I typed in actual words. These are the words people would normally type in google when they are searching for something they want an answer to.

Under that is META Description. This is automatically pulled from the first two sentences of the blog.

Another tip - make sure your main topic is included in your title and first sentence of your blog.

Next and last thing to do is to publish it! So wolla!

You will use this majority of the times as it allows you to do everything in one place. However to see the other options available, go to second part, step 7.2. Here I will show you how to add audio.

Go to Step 7.2

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