65 year old Grandmother, Netty Estes is a constant source of inspiration to me and so many others. 

I found a post she wrote yesterday and this one line spoke volumes ... 

"If I did it all over again, I would stop focusing on the lack of and start thinking about how lucky I am to have the opportunity to pursue my ideal life." ~ Netty Estes

Please do enjoy and perhaps share it with others. It's Golden.


It’s My Birthday And I Wrote This Just For You

Today I turned 65, and I love my life!  

A year ago, when I turned 64, my life was much different. I was broken, majorly in debt and felt like my life was all for nothing.

I remember several times thinking I found no happiness in life, and I couldn’t see a way out of the massive debt I was in.

I was battling with depression and didn’t even know it.  I had an amazing husband, fantastic children and many precious grandchildren but yet I felt alone and worthless.

Somehow, through all of this, the Universe led me to my present business opportunity.  I spent hours trying to learn how this business works, constantly stretching myself out of my comfort zone and lots of frustration.

It was something I was never prepared for when going in, but now I am glad I went through the process because the person I have become in the process is what I'm most proud of.

I went from being miserable and bitter at life to happy and thankful for the opportunities and the life I now have.

All of the depression, endless bills and struggling with the worthlessness feeling was for a reason, and it led me to my purpose.

I use to think life was unfair, and I used to ask God why do I have to hate myself and my life so much that I don't want to go on.  Little did I know He was preparing me for something bigger.

I started wondering if I was doing my part making other people’s lives better with teaching them the skills I've learned and how to generate a living online.

I remember asking myself at one time am I wasting my time trying to help people build their business because it seems only a few succeed.

Well, today I really had a major "ah ha" moment when the people’s lives I've touched went out of their way to make my birthday special by sending me their birthday wishes.

I realized today that if you even impact one person’s life on your journey it makes it all worth it.

I used to hate sharing my story, telling everyone how Sam and I are making an income and being open about my life on facebook. My mentors pushed me to be transparent, so I did what they wanted me to do.  It was a major challenge for me to get out of my shell and do this.

However, since sharing my story on Facebook, on my blog and working with people in this business I've had heaps of people write me telling me that my story gave them hope for their life.

I have come to realize that you can't help everyone, but the people’s lives you do touch you can help them in a big way.

No matter what you do in business realize that you're not just selling a biz opportunity, your own product or teaching people how to make money online.

For some people, you're truly helping them transform their lives for the better

I guess I never really realized that I've impacted as many people’s lives as I have as I've built my own business, but now it gives what I do a whole new purpose.

Right now you may not be successful; you may be struggling like I once did, and you may even be in debt, but I can tell you that what you're going through is for a reason.

I used to be very angry for my situation, but I realize now it was a blessing. Your story and the struggles you're going through now will later be your biggest strength and will help someone else.

I could never have imagined that by going through the things I have gone through, I would motivate and help other people.

So if right now you're not where you want to be in life you need to understand that you're going through what you are now because it's part of your journey.

Everyone has different experiences and has a different life plan and if you want to change your life no matter how bad your situation is, you can.

You have to truly want change, be prepared to do whatever it takes and step outside of your comfort zone.

No money could ever replace finding peace, so I'm glad to be alive. I'm just happy to know that by going through my hell it's helped others realize if I can do it so can they.

Most people just need someone to believe in them because they have no one in their corner.

So if you want to become successful in business I can relate it to a few key things:

1.) Want to be successful more than anything else.

2.) Be so stubborn that quitting is never an option.

3.) Remain persistent and keep your eye on the prize.

4.) Care about others and find ways to help them and they will help you in return.

5.) Spend time to develop your mind and build yourself into a stronger person.

6.) Invest in yourself often because it's the best investment you will ever make.

7. Once you get success giveback x100, and then it comes back to you x1000.

8.) Remain humble and never get cocky.

9. Be a constant student because you can always better your best.

10. Enjoy the journey because it never ends.

This business can completely change your life, and it can be fun or it can be stressful.

If I did it all over again, I would stop focusing on the lack of and start thinking about how lucky I am to have the opportunity to pursue my ideal life.

If you make a few years of sacrifice and stop thinking about getting rich and start injecting passion into your business I promise, the money will work itself out.

I believe in you and I know if I can make this work then anyone can. Never give up on your dreams because life is too short to settle for anything but the best.

For everyone who sent me happy birthday wishes, I love you and thank you for making this a special birthday.

Knowing people see the value and appreciate the hard work I put in makes me want to work harder.

I find my motivation in YOU.   And remember……NEVER stop blowing bubbles!

Much love, 

Netty Estes


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When you're LIVING YOUR LIFE ON PURPOSE, and doing what you LOVE to do ...

... stuff like this happens.

WATCH THIS and be prepared to BE AMAZED.

In my opinion, one of the best ways that you can do what you LOVE to do ... is if you have the time freedom to do it.

If your heart yearns to do something ...

... but you don't have the time freedom to do it ...

... HIT THIS LINK NOW and check out what we did to get our time back.

You deserve to live an abundant life ...

... and it's so close to you right now.

Oh yeah!

Just HAD to re-blog this one!

Thank you Jay!

Bad day at the beach vs Good day at work

How powerful is this quote

If money is the obstacle to 'why' you are NOT getting started with a home business, then you absolutely NEED to get started with a home business!

your choice

How To Retire Your Husband With Internet Marketing

As I watched my husband pack his bag this morning to go and play tennis an incredible sensation of pure bliss swept through my body.

Here is my beautiful husband ...

... living his life with passion.

When we first met on cruise ships we had separate careers, working for separate companies, on separate contracts.

The only way for us to be together was for one of us to join the other's company. He made the sacrifice and joined mine. 

how to retire your husband

In order to be with me, he had to learn a completely new industry, develop an entirely new set of skills and ultimately do something he didn't want to do ...

... simply to stay with me.

I still remember the day he wrapped his arms around me and said ...

... "All I want to do is make you happy!"

No-one had ever said that to me before.

We married and started to build a life together ...

how to retire your husband

... but I could see that he wasn't happy in our work environment.

But he stuck at it ...

... for me.

When the financial crisis of 2008 hit ...

... things became very tough in our industry.

No-one wanted what we were selling ...

... and it wasn't too long before we were dipping into our savings to pay for our job.

We were entrepreneurs onboard ships ...

... we had our own staff ...

... our own payroll ...

... so if the money wasn't coming in ...

... people still had to be paid regardless.

We spent the next THREE YEARS looking for a way off ships.

I don't even want to calculate how many hundreds of dollars we spent in Internet Cafe Ship Cards surfing the internet for something that we could do.

Long story short ...

... in the middle of 2011 we were introduced to Network Marketing. Our minds boggled at the possibilities ...

... "You mean we can really make $5,000 a month ... DOING NOTHING???"


I look back now and laugh out loud at the presentation we had.


... if one thing hadn't lead to another ...

... we wouldn't be where we are today.

You see ...

... in October of 2011 we opened a commission check for $9.38c. That was for 50 hours work and had to be divided in two! We were gutted.

how to retire your husband

And I remember as if it were yesterday ...

... sitting at our desk in our office on the ship ...

... looking deep into my husband's eyes ...

... hand on the back of his ...

... saying ...

"Hun, if we work as hard on our OWN business as we do this one ...

... we would HAVE to be successful!"

We walked off the ship that week ...

... and flew back home ready to bust our Network Marketing opportunity wide open!

LOL ...

... it only took about 3 weeks to work out that no-one makes $5,000 a month DOING NOTHING!

What a reality check that was.

So here we are ...

... no income coming in ...

... no easy street in sight!


You mean we're actually going to have to WORK this thing???

Again I laugh ...

... because at the exact same time that we quit our jobs ...

... Empower Network was launched.

We had NO CLUE about Internet Marketing.

We had NO CLUE about blogging.

We didn't even have a clue how clueless we were!

But we had no Plan B.

And there's a quote that I love ...

... that basically outlined the strategy we adopted.

"Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life ...
... like most people won't ...
... so you can spend the rest of your life ...
... like most people can't."

We worked our asses off.

We studied.

We applied.

We taught.


And it was only THIS MORNING that the above quote really hit me.

We lived a few years of our lives like most people won't ...

... so that we can spend the rest of our lives ...

... like most people can't.

And as I watched my husband walk out the door ...

... smiling and living in the moment ...

... living his passion ...

... I realized ...

... I have finally given him the gift he always wanted for me.

All he ever wanted to do was make me happy ...

... and finally he too ...

... is now happy.

how to retire your husband

It's taken since 2008 to reach this place ...

... SIX YEARS!!!

It doesn't need to take that long for you.


If you have a husband or a wife that you'd love to retire ...

... HIT THIS LINK NOW and check out our story.

It's a beautiful thing when you realize that it was all worth it.

I love Hayden's videos.

A lot of people want to make a lot of money online to pursue materialistic pleasures.

Hayden just wants to go fishing with his family ... whenever he wants!

How cool is that?

What's YOUR passion?

Me? I just wanted to BE FREE to travel and make money at the same time ...

... it's all I've ever wanted.

Thanks to Empower Network I have that now.

Click here to work with us directly.

Online Marketing Training | Chasing Your Passion

I just had a break in one of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand - the Coromandel Peninsula. I have been visiting this place since I was a kid and it is an outdoor playground. The waters surrounding this piece of coastline hold some big fish and tasty morsels like crayfish and scallops.

While I was away I cut this quick video about chasing your dreams and passions. I recorded it while out on the boat early in the morning and I explain a bit about what makes me tick and how I use that for motivation and drive in my online business.

I don't want to be stuck in a job or working 60 hour weeks to give my family a good life. I want to see my kids grow up and I want to spend time doing fun things like fishing and hanging with my family. I want to be able to head up to the beach house whenever I want and still have income coming in.

Check out the video and let me know what makes you tick. Hopefully you haven't forgotten along the way what really drives you!

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