Just recently we've started to look more closely at split testing our capture pages.

In the past we weren't so hung up on it. We'd throw a capture page out there, cross our fingers and hope it would do well.

A bit naive I know, but sadly like so many Internet Marketers we were inept when it came to the nuances of paid traffic, preferring to rely on our strengths which are blogging and video marketing.

But, the time has come to raise the bar, step out of our comfort zone and master paid traffic.

And today, I want to share with you something that has completely blown us away.


We all know what it is ... we all know we should do it ... but how many of us actually do do it?

Guilty as charged. 

We never did split testing before because we never really understood HOW to do it effectively.

Well ... after going through just one module of Internet Traffic Formula ...

... we GET IT!

It's a science ... and one you can master pretty easily when you know how.

Let me explain ...

Pretty cool huh?

As I mentioned ... we are totally blown away with our results so far.

So, if you'd like to start working on mastering paid traffic, my first recommendation is that you grab LeadPages and start playing with it.

To get the split testing capability, you'll need to check out the Pro Version of LeadPages ... but let me tell you something ... the value of understanding how to do split testing will reap you many financial rewards down the path.

Have fun with it and if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below.



In this quick training video I'm going to show you exactly how to setup your rotator in LeadPages.

If you have any questions on how to setup your rotator in LeadPages please feel free to place them in the comments below.

Still don't have LeadPages but want to check it out? Go here now for a full demonstration.



Have you ever heard unsuccessful people say that about successful people?

"Oh! They just got lucky!"

One of Alex's friends made a similar comment with regards to the life Alex lives now. 

He said to him the other day:

"You're 'lucky' you got out (of the country)".

LOL ... luck had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Hard work and not being prepared to take "NO" for an answer is how Alex changed his life.

In order to "get out" Alex went for interviews with cruise lines. He got rejected. If he had accepted "NO" for an answer, perhaps he would have stopped there.

But he didn't.

He went on to seek work in Dubai ...

... hated it and returned home.

But he didn't stop there.

He went for more interviews on ships ...

... got accepted.

He worked his ass off to "get out" ...

... whilst his mate stayed home, went out drinking every weekend and grudgingly went off to his job every week which pays $USD 15,000 a year.

Alex is now on his way to making $USD 100,000 a MONTH with the skills that he is learning.

That's not luck.

That's Alex making life happen for him.


And here's another story that makes you realize that luck has NOTHING to do with being successful.

About a year ago I was walking in a frozen park, snow and sludge all around me ...

... and a little yellow dog stalked me.

When I stopped to turn around ...

... she gingerly walked up to me ...

... and then upon hearing my soft term of endearment she jumped up on my knees.

I gave her a little pat on the head ...

... and then kept on my way.

The story could have ended right there. This little yellow dog could have turned around and gone in another direction.

But she didn't.

She stalked me some more.

I turned a corner ...

... and an apparent "threat" was awaiting me.

Out of the bushes leapt a man throwing a menacing snow ball at me!

This little yellow dog leapt in front of the "snow ball attacker" and wouldn't let him near me, barking madly and baring her teeth!

Do you think I paid this little yellow dog more attention?

You bet!

Within a week I was going to the park to find her and feed her daily.

And here's what I discovered.

This little yellow dog was not just focusing her attention on me ...

... she was stalking as many people as she could ...

... carefully working out who might be friendly and who might not.

She wasn't just working on me ...

... she was working on many.

She was DETERMINED to get out of that park ...

... by any means possible.

Her DETERMINATION was matched equally with her PERSISTENCE.

After about 3 months she started leaving the park and following us home, putting her little life in danger crossing 6 lanes of traffic to do so.

She was DETERMINED she was going to get out of that park.

6 months later ...

... she did.

And now she rests peacefully on our bed as I type out this story.

People look at Lucy and call her "The Lucky One".

But they fail to realize the committed EFFORT she put in to getting herself out of her situation.

Every single day, come rain, hail or shine ... 

... she was "working" that park.

She was going to get out ...

... no matter what!

It took her 3 years ...

... but she made it.

So the next time you look at someone and think ...

... "Oh they just got lucky!" ...

... I would beg you to dig a little deeper and see how much luck was really involved.

My guess would be ...

... very little.

And if you think that luck is a matter of putting yourself in the right place at the right time ...

... I would ask you to ponder how it was that that person decided to put themselves in that right place at the right time.

Sure ...

... there is always a measure of luck somewhere ...

... but what created the luck in the first place?

ZenDevin and the Laptop Lifestyle!

Know what I want to tell you about empower network today?

Try not to be like I was last year, I allowed fear to get in my way.

Try to find deep within yourself a place where you can get invested in yourself and invested in life and invested in making Empower Network your life guide because you will be thrilled beyond what can imagine with this laptop lifestyle! 

Part of being wealthy or rich in my vocabulary is not only money (though I love money because it buys my freedom)  is the fact that I can drop off my girl at school and remain completely calm becuase I'm not running late for work, I can get home when I want to to make some videos or blog, or I can stop and do some errands and maybe do yoga class or work out with weights. I can also come home to my killer apartment with a wicked city lights view of LA and throw in a load of laundry while I blog or vlog.

I also go on adventures while others are stuck at the office though just being free to choose when I want to do anything is just one of the freedoms of this laptop lifestyle, and I love that!

The other important things I do: read life enhancing information, I listen to audios that help me stay in the mindset of entrepreneur living, and I watch video after video done by Dave Wood &  Dave Sharpe because these two men have wrapped their minds around conveying in video - how to become a better human while learning how to be a massive Internet marketer, and  it's all into one ball of wax for you! 

All you need to do is pay attention to the golden nuggets they feed you during each product video series.

Empower network is a culture of supportive individuals who want you to succeed!

Join me in Charlotte North Carolina on June 26-28 where Empower Network is having a major company event, I guarantee you, you will want to be 'ALL IN' with this company, and if you find that scary, I understand, I once felt that way...that's why I left and came back when I overcame my own roadblocks!

My team - will have no limits to how much we can grow together, so join me!

My more thorough disclaimer: a year ago I started with Empower Network and I didn't go 'all in' either, you can do this method if you like, just using the blogging platform, being an affiliate, maybe buy a video series product here and there - but if you're going to do anything and plan to do it wholeheartedly, then please plan to get 'ALL IN'  within 90 days. It's the best way to see yourself get results, so get committed and just do it.

Click on the link below and become part of the team, you're welcome here and you'll get assistance, support and the direction you need to help you learn whatever it is you need to know...to succeed as an online marketer (and you'll become a better human in the process, it just happens)!

Have you had a better offer lately??

I didn't think so : ) 

 Click Here -  to join & get 'ALL IN' and I'll see you on the inside! 


This post describes exaclty what it's like to live the laptop lifestyle!

Go "Team No LImits!"

Hey there ... I just cut a quick training video for you showing you exactly how to use your own domain name with LeadPages.

It's super simple and if you have any questions after the training, please put them in the comments below.



PS: Don't have LeadPages yet and interested in creating super cool "stand out" capture pages, sales pages and so much more?

Then HIT THIS LINK NOW and check it out .. it's so awesome!

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